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Escea Fire for Life

Team Effort to send Ovens to Syrian Refugees

Afantastic combined cooperation between iCargo members Oceanbridge New Zealand, C P World Singapore, and C P World Turkey has seen 1200 “Fire for Life” stove units shipped to the Syrian refugee camps on behalf of ReliefAid New Zealand.

Each team contributed to the costs to enable this freight to move free of charge.

Fire for Life is a Not-For-Profit project run by Dunedin-based manufacturer, Escea, which manufactures and donate the stove units to ReliefAid to ease the impact that open fire cooking has on displaced families worldwide.

Traditional stoves are often made of clay, mud, or rubbish, and existing cooking methods in these communities are inefficient, hard to move around, and are often dangerous in difficult conditions.

The Fire for Life Cooking Stove is a portable lightweight cooking stove that can easily be moved around. It is simple to light and keep burning, requires less fuel, and burns cleaner. The stove is safer too as less smoke is produced and it contains sparks and flames.

Fire for Life Cooking Stove

These stoves have already proven to have a positive impact on the recipients, and after Bill Speedy at Oceanbridge saw a segment about this on NZ local television he was keen to get involved.

Bill set about contacting Mike Seawright, the Founder of ReliefAid, and together with Nigel Bamford, founder of Escea Fireplaces, and the plan was hatched to get them to Syria and to the refugees there.

Staci McIntyre, the LCL coordinator at Oceanbridge, organised all the paperwork and logistics to make this happen. A big shout out to her for the sterling work she did. Thank you Staci!

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