Caravans or MOtorhomes

Holidaying, relaxing, and networking by caravan or motorhome is becoming increasingly popular as Kiwis invest in luxuries they’ve always wanted. Caravanning or Motorhoming is very popular worldwide, and thanks to our extensive Global worldwide network it’s now easier than ever before when importing a caravan or motorhome into NZ due to our specialist loading & handling and consolidated costs.

Simply find what you like online from the vast range of caravan or motorhome manufacturers, we find that Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, & USA have proven popular locations for your new or used caravan or motorhome! We’ll do the rest!

Before you make a purchase, make sure you account for Duty & GST

GST15% on the purchase price plus the duty
Duty chargeCaravans or Motorhomes 5%
 This is dependent on the origin; the recently signed UK NZ Trade Agreement allows for duties to be cancelled on Caravans & Motorhomes from the UK. Once ratified, the Duty will be Nil.

For an idea of freight costs, contact us through this form today.

  • Bill of Sale
  • A copy of your Passport or Vehicle Licence I.D (Photograph)
  • NZ Customs import client code or application

Once confirmation of the location of your caravan or motorhome is received, our overseas agents can arrange pickup and delivery to the wharf. They will manage all the export documentation for the seller and you, the buyer.

Your caravan or motorhome must be as clean as possible – free of dirt and any other foreign matter. Should this not be the case on arrival to New Zealand, NZ border quarantine services (Ministry of Primary Industry – MPI) will require further cleaning to be done.

We require all caravans or motorhomes to have comprehensive Marine Cover while in transit between the origin and final destination. If you do not have an insurance broker, we can recommend someone.

Prior to the discharging of your cargo, we process all the local shipping paperwork through New Zealand Customs and MPI and raise any duty or GST charges.

MPI Inspection is undertaken at either the port (for the RORO service), or at our depot (for containers), which are all MPI-compliant specialist vehicle unpacking facilities.

Once formal border and customs clearance has been completed and the freight and destination charges are paid, we can release the vehicle. This typically takes 3-4 working days to process.

Should you require delivery to your nominated compliance centre or your home, we can arrange this on a specialist vehicle carrier.

We pride ourselves in making the importation of your car or caravan straightforward.

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