Container Sales & Leasing

Did you know that Oceanbridge also sells and leases out containers?

Small ones, big ones, ones with no roof, some with no sides and no roof, cold ones and so on.
Containers in all conditions, suitable for farm storage up to something you’d be proud to show off. We even sell containers for shipping products overseas.

You can buy them or hire them, short or long term – whatever meets your needs.

Green ones, blue ones, grey ones rusty ones – whatever color you want.
Various sizes are available in standard and high cube heights to provide convenient extra-storage solutions.

In addition, we have an extensive transport network that allows us to have your container efficiently transported to site by swing lift or Hiab crane – anywhere New Zealand-wide.

Contact us today to discuss your container needs or request a quote from a team that puts your needs first.

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Italy Promotion: June – August 2022

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Italy Promotion

For more information or to arrange a booking, please click the link below.

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