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Date: 5th July 2023

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New Zealand


  • Lyttelton Port is subject to spells of berth congestion, other NZ Port operations are satisfactory with delays generally being as a result of delays at offshore Ports.
  • Ports of Auckland Fergusson Terminal is undertaking infrastructure work to one of the berth aprons over the next 3 months. This is not expected to adversely affect overall operating capacity.
  • The NZ/UK FTA came into force at 00:01AM on 31st May 2023. For New Zealand exporters, the FTA levels the playing field, with tariffs removed from almost all goods going to the UK from day one, including wine, honey, onions, and kiwifruit. This agreement will improve access for services, cut red tape, streamline customs and make it easier for professionals from both countries to live, work, and travel.
  • The Government has agreed to increase the Biosecurity System Entry Levy to $46.40 and to set a new maximum rate of $50.00. The maximum rate is the highest amount the Director-General of MPI can set the levy without further Cabinet decisions.
  • The Government has also agreed to increase the hourly rate for biosecurity fees to $155.50 per hour.
  • The new levy and fees will take effect on 1st July 2023.


  • Move count restrictions continue to affect Lyttelton and Tauranga, impacting the Carrier’s ability to load export containers and provide empty containers.
  • Maersk is significantly short of export containers due to a drop in demand on import trade lanes.



  • Australia
    • Consols running as booked. We will shortly be increasing our Sydney to Auckland schedule.
  • Asia
    • China Southern Airline is introducing a direct Guangzhou to Christchurch service from November. They will likely take additional Auckland bookings and trucks upon arrival.
  • USA
    • Consols are moving as booked. Ad-hoc larger bookings are being accepted almost immediately with more capacity coming to the market in the summer.
  • UK and EU
    • Consols from main Origins are all working well. Rates are starting to stabilize, and we expect full tariffs to be available from most Origins towards the second part of this year.
  • Import Cargo Terminals
    • Terminals are operating as normal.


  • Australia
    • Consols are moving as booked to SYD and MEL.
  • Asia
    • China Southern Airlines are introducing a direct Christchurch to Guangzhou service from November.
  • USA
    • Some capacity issues on Fiji Airways as one of their aircraft had a technical issue. Other carriers have the capacity for some next day bookings.
  • UK and EU
    • Capacity is available via the Middle East, however, Emirates is pushing larger consignments to their twice-weekly freighter services.
  • Export Cargo Terminals
    • Terminals are operating as normal.



  • Scheduling seems to be becoming a slight issue again, however, there is some promise that Lyttelton should improve over the next few weeks, which would certainly enhance services ability to hit their berthing windows.
  • Volumes from China to New Zealand seem to be on the upward trend. However, it is uncertain at this point whether this is a longer-term trend or a shorter surge. This is evident in the fact that we are yet to see any substantial increases in rates from the Shipping Lines.
  • As volumes from South East Asia remains low, we are beginning to see this impact the feeder services from some ports, with some lines opting to rationalize and not offer as many options. This shouldn’t make any major differences to services to New Zealand, as the connecting sailings are weekly, but it may mean suppliers don’t have as much choice with multiple departures per week.


  • Equipment availability has been an issue ex Nelson recently.
  • MSC, OOCL, & ONE are the only Carriers currently accepting cargo to the Middle East.
  • Berth congestion in North-East Asia is starting to increase again. The average is 0.5-2-day delay currently. There is also berth congestion in South-East Asia of around 0.5-2 days.
  • Lady Jane V018 will omit Napier and Lyttelton and phase out in Port Klang. The vessel Norfolk will phase in.



  • Marfret have a reliable service ex Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to Tauranga.
  • A reminder on hazardous requirement rules: Every Haz/DG booking request must be submitted with DG documents required for approval. Bookings cannot be fully accepted until approval is received from all vessels and transshipment points. Transshipment Ports and partner vessel approval may take longer and can be rejected based on their local regulations. Haz/DG bookings must be approved 72 hours before vessel cut-off. If product details change from one DG type to another after packing, the DG approval process starts again, where new approvals will be required. General bookings cannot be altered to reflect a Haz booking. The general booking will need to be cancelled and a new Haz/DG booking request submitted for processing.
  • A summary as to why the Big Lilly 155E has been delayed for the past 5 weeks – As no cargo operations at the layup berth, proposal was looked at to move the ship back to container berth to remove cargo, but we could not get a berth for the vessel in its state. Vessel was not under power so that adds further complexity to obtaining a suitable berth. Repairs are expected to be completed in the next 24-48 hours. Vessel will be inspected tomorrow and sail for Sydney 6th or 7th of July at this stage.


  • Port delays across the country have been reduced and are now working with minimal delays of 0.5 day.
  • On the ANZ Shuttle service, the ANL Tasman Trader will call Auckland instead of Tauranga on an ongoing basis.
  • Equipment availability has been an issue ex Nelson and Lyttelton recently.



  • BMSB Season has ended. All departures ex Europe do not need any BMSB treatment or documentation. The season will start again on 1st September.
  • Blank sailings are affecting the regularity of services as they adjust to the lower volumes.
  • Equipment shortages in Turkey have returned.
  • Maersk, CMA and MSC are open for bookings from most ports now but Cosco, ONE, and OOCL have only limited bookings to NZ due to backlogs in transshipment ports.
  • Industrial and protest action in France and Germany is affecting some pick-ups.
  • 20′ reefer containers are in low supply.


  • Space and Carrier options are starting to open up for the UK and Europe. There is some congestion in Singapore causing delays in transshipment.

North America


  • Increased efficiency with US ports following through to rail services.
    • New rotation allowing for a more even port coverage in both Oceania and North America.
    • Weekly calls to and from Auckland, NZ.
    • Long Beach Port call will move to the APMT terminal in Los Angeles.
    • Low turn times at Pier 400 due to its automated operations.
    • Direct rail access service to and from inland Chicago to provide on dock rail service.
  • The rotation will be as follow:

Seattle* – Oakland – Los Angeles – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Tauranga – Papeete* – Surrey* – Oakland – Los Angeles – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide* – Tauranga – Seattle.


  • Late Wednesday night, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), representing the terminals, and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), representing workers, announced a tentative agreement on a new six-year contract. No details were released, and the agreement is still subject to ratification by both parties.
  • ANL-PCX service will change terminals and now call LAX and not Long Beach commencing from the Cap Jackson 322N/328S.


  • It appears an agreement has finally been reached between port management and unions in the US West Coast labour dispute. However, the situation north of the border on the Canadian West Coast looks to be heading towards strike action. A ballot of ILWU Canadian port workers resulted in an overwhelming 99% vote in favour of strike action on the West Coast. It has subsequently been suggested that industrial action could start as early as 24th June in the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert. We are monitoring the situation.

South America

  • No waiting time for FCL bookings.

South Africa

  • No waiting time for FCL bookings.

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