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Date: 20th July 2023

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New Zealand


  • Back in February, New Zealand Food Safety published two new imported food notices. The Food Notice: Requirements for Registered Importers and Imported Food for Sale will replace the current Food Notice: Importing Food on 1 August 2023. These changes apply to all registered food importers. Registered food importers have had the responsibility since 2015 to: Ensure a safety and suitability assessment is conducted before the food is imported, ensure food is stored and transported in a safe and suitable manner, ensure records are kept allowing traceability, and ensure a recall plan is in place should food become unsafe or unsuitable.
  • Auckland and Lyttelton Port are encountering mini peaks of congestion with erratic vessel arrivals off the window. Other NZ port operations are satisfactory, with delays generally being a result of delays at offshore ports.
  • Overall container depot capacity continues to be an unresolved issue with restricted dehire slots being made available at several large Auckland sites.
  • The VBS booking cost has increased again this month at Metroport plus some container depots. Regrettably, our Container Booking Fee will have to be adjusted to NZD145.00 per container effective from 1st August.


  • Move count restrictions continue to affect Lyttelton and Tauranga, causing late changes to port rotations and some port omissions.



  • Australia
    • Consols running as booked. We will shortly be increasing our Sydney to Auckland schedule.
  • Asia
    • Still capacity from most origins with bookings being accepted almost immediately.
  • USA
    • Consols are moving as booked. Ad-hoc larger bookings are being accepted almost immediately with more capacity coming to the market in the summer.
  • UK and EU
    • Consols from main Origins are all working well. Rates are starting to stabilize, and we expect full tariffs to be available from most Origins towards the second part of this year.
  • Import Cargo Terminals
    • Terminals are operating as normal.


  • Australia
    • Consols are moving as booked to SYD and MEL.
  • Asia
    • China Southern Airlines are introducing a direct Christchurch to Guangzhou service from November.
  • USA
    • Capacity is available for small to medium shipments, but harder to get confirmed bookings for a departure within 48 hours for anything over 3000kg.
  • UK and EU
    • Capacity is available via the Middle East, however, Emirates is pushing larger consignments to their twice-weekly freighter services.
  • Export Cargo Terminals
    • Terminals are operating as normal.



  • GRI (General Rate Increase) notices have been flooding through from carriers for North Asia, as a combination of higher volumes and capacity constraints come into play. At this point we expect that these will be applied close to advertised levels, however we have seen some variance depending on the origin port.
  • South East Asia hasn’t seen any GRI notices so far, as volumes remain lighter. However, we may see this change if carriers route North Asia cargo via SE Asia services (through Singapore/Malaysia) in an effort to keep things moving.
  • Schedules have deteriorated slightly due to a number of factors, including delays at NZ ports and blank sailings. We expect this to settle later in the quarter.


  • Equipment availability has been an issue ex Nelson recently.
  • MSC, OOCL, & ONE are the only Carriers currently accepting cargo to the Middle East.
  • Berth congestion in North-East Asia is fluctuating. The average is 0.5 – 2-day delay currently. The berth congestion in South-East Asia is reducing and is now around 0.5-1 day.
  • The vessel Norfolk will phase into the KIX rotation this week. Her first ailing is from Auckland on 17th July, and Tauranga on 24th July. She will also call Lyttelton, Wellington and Napier.



  • Maersk 40ft high cube container availability in Melbourne is currently at a three week wait for empty containers.
  • A reminder on hazardous requirement rules: Every Haz/DG booking request must be submitted with DG documents required for approval. Bookings cannot be fully accepted until approval is received from all vessels and transshipment points. Transshipment Ports and partner vessel approval may take longer and can be rejected based on their local regulations. Haz/DG bookings must be approved 72 hours before vessel cut-off. If product details change from one DG type to another after packing, the DG approval process starts again, where new approvals will be required. General bookings cannot be altered to reflect a Haz booking. The general booking will need to be cancelled and a new Haz/DG booking request submitted for processing.
  • Big Lilly 155E update – Arrived in Auckland on 18th July. Departed Auckland 19th July.


  • Port delays across the country have reduced and are now working with minimal delays of 0.5 day.
  • On the ANZ Shuttle service, the ANL Tasman Trader will call Auckland instead of Tauranga on an ongoing basis.
  • Equipment availability has been an issue ex Nelson recently.



  • BMSB Season has ended. All departures ex Europe do not need any BMSB treatment or documentation. The season will start again on 1st September.
  • Blank sailings are affecting the regularity of services as they adjust to the lower volumes.
  • Equipment shortages in Turkey have returned.
  • Maersk and MSC are open for bookings from most Ports now but Cosco, ONE, and OOCL have only limited bookings to NZ due to back logs in transshipment Ports.
  • 20′ reefer containers are in low supply.
  • Low water levels mean barge services are limited.


  • Space and Carrier options are starting to open up for the UK and Europe. There is some congestion in Singapore causing delays in transshipment.

North America


  • Increased efficiency with US ports following through to rail services.
    • New rotation allowing for a more even port coverage in both Oceania and North America.
    • Weekly calls to and from Auckland, NZ.
    • Long Beach Port call will move to the APMT terminal in Los Angeles.
    • Low turn times at Pier 400 due to its automated operations.
    • Direct rail access service to and from inland Chicago to provide on dock rail service.
  • The rotation will be as follow:

Seattle* – Oakland – Los Angeles – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Tauranga – Papeete* – Surrey* – Oakland – Los Angeles – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide* – Tauranga – Seattle.


  • Late Wednesday night, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), representing the terminals, and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), representing workers, announced a tentative agreement on a new six-year contract. No details were released, and the agreement is still subject to ratification by both parties.
  • ANL-PCX service will change terminals and now call LAX and not Long Beach commencing from the Cap Jackson 322N/328S.


  • Recent strike action in Canada has ended. The disruption caused backlogs which will take a while to clear.

South America

  • No waiting time for FCL bookings.

South Africa

  • No waiting time for FCL bookings.

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