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Date: 12th October 2023

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  • Australia
    • Major delays for import and export shipments at Qantas terminals across Australia are impacting Qantas, Air NZ, Singapore Airlines and Latum. Congestion at the terminals is expected for another three weeks.
  • Asia
    • Flights are at capacity after Golden Week. Rates are expected to rise over the coming weeks.
  • USA
    • Consols are moving as booked. Extra capacity is coming to the market in Summer.
  • UK and EU
    • Consols from main Origins are continuing to work well. We are still waiting on extended tariffs but expect these to come through once schedules are finalized for the Summer.
  • Import Cargo Terminals
    • Terminals are operating as normal.


  • Australia
    • Major delays for import and export shipments at Qantas terminals across Australia are impacting Qantas, Air NZ, Singapore Airlines and Latum. Congestion at the terminals is expected for another three weeks.
  • Asia
    • Main deck capacity coming back online after Golden Week.
  • USA
    • Larger bookings are still difficult to get away immediately. More capacity coming in the summer will solve this.
  • UK and EU
    • Extra capacity coming online via the USA. Schedules and rates will be out in the next two weeks.
  • Export Cargo Terminals
    • Terminals are operating as normal.



  • Christmas is now on the horizon and thought needs to go to the last sailings to get product here prior to the holidays and also plans for anything that may arrive over that period. A notice has been sent out with the last sailings. If you have not received this, please reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Service representative.
  • Space from North Asia remains somewhat tight however we expect that to ease as we get into late October/early November. Shipping lines are still managing capacity with blank sailings, to try to restrict any larger reductions in freight rates.
  • South-East Asia remains mostly free to book on whatever sailings are desired.


  • Equipment availability has been an issue for 40′ containers country-wide recently.
  • MSC, OOCL, & ONE are the only Carriers currently accepting cargo to the Middle East.
  • Berth congestion in North-East Asia is fluctuating. The average is a 0.5-2-day delay currently. The berth congestion in South-East Asia is now around 0.5-1 day.



  • Equipment availability is stable from all ports in Australia.
  • On the ANZ Shuttle, the ANL Tasman Trader will call Auckland instead of Tauranga for future arrivals.
  • Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) Pty Ltd have announced the following: MUA industrial action at DP world terminals – Further to our reminder to members earlier today, FTA and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) have just received the following important announcement regarding upcoming protected industrial action at DP World Terminals.


  • Melbourne is introducing a calibrated weighing device to check the weight of import containers against the VGM. In the event your container is 1 metric ton or heavier than the VGM, an AU305 + GST misdeclaration fee will be incurred. This will be in effect from 01.10.2023.
  • Ports are now working with a minimal delay of 0-0.5 days.
  • Equipment availability has been an issue for 40′ containers country-wide recently.



  • BMSB Season started again on September 1st and will be in place until April 30th, 2024. The processes and risk countries are the same as last season.
  • Low water levels mean barge services into Rotterdam and Antwerp are limited.
  • Equipment shortages in Turkey have returned.
  • 20′ reefer containers are in low supply across Europe.
  • Blank sailings are affecting the regularity of services as they adjust to the lower volumes.


  • There are no reported berthing delays. There is congestion in some container yards.

North America


  • The rotation will be as follow:

Seattle* – Oakland – Los Angeles – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Tauranga – Papeete* – Surrey* – Oakland – Los Angeles – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide* – Tauranga – Seattle.


  • Do you have LCL from LAX? We are loading direct into Auckland and Lyttelton. Contact your Customer Service representative.
  • USA Exports affected by Customs inspections.

– US Customs and Border Protection Services have increased their activity levels to hold and inspect containers before export to check for illegal cargo or contraband.

– We have been made aware that there has been a significant increase in illegal trade from the US this year, which has directly resulted in this increase in activity.

– Whilst these holds and inspections are outside of our control, they do have an impact to our service in lengthy delays on both our LCL program and FCL bookings, as well as being costly.

– When containers are placed on hold for inspection, they are moved off port to a designated facility to be x-rayed or devanned and inspected. This is done based on the arrival date into the facility and can at times mean a wait for weeks before being inspected.

– Costs are applied by US Customs and Border Protection and will be prorated across all LCL cargo in our FAK containers or applied directly to the consignee for any FCL containers.

– The Customs inspected containers are monitored closely by our Agent and we will endeavour to update you as information comes through.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact your Oceanbridge Representative if you have any concerns or questions.


  • New York – No waiting time expected for berth at Maher Terminals LLC and APM terminals. However, up to 5 days waiting time at Global Container Terminals Bayonne can be expected.
  • Norfolk – Most vessels berth on arrival. However, the bigger vessels wait approximately 2 days for a berth.
  • Charleston Terminal – There is no waiting time for vessel berthing at Wando Welch Terminal and North Charleston Terminals.
  • Savannah – Waiting time for vessel berth at the terminal is up to 4 days, depending on the size of the vessel.
  • Houston – Vessels are waiting 1 day for vessel berthing. Due to vessel bunching, the port is facing congestion impacting the discharge productivity and extending port stays.
  • Oakland – Vessel waiting time is up to 3 days at Oakland Int’l Container Terminal (OICT).
  • Seattle – Vessel waiting time for a berth at Seattle is 4 days. There remains a shortage of rail cars causing delays in onward rail transport. T18 (the terminal utilized for the service from NZ) will be closed every Friday in October.
  • Los Angeles – There are no delays in Los Angeles currently.
  • Vancouver – All marine terminals in Vancouver are currently operational. Rail productivity remains below expectations and there are no immediate plans to increase productivity. Dwell times have reduced to 4.3 days.
  • Panama Canal update – The lower-than-usual water levels in the Gatun Lake are causing severe draft restrictions on vessels transiting the Panama Canal. This has caused a backlog of traffic waiting to pass through. This has not yet impacted vessels departing from NZ.

South America

  • No waiting time for FCL bookings.

South Africa

  • No waiting time for FCL bookings.

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