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Date: 10th May 2023

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New Zealand


  • A tightening of available capacity at empty container depots in Auckland and Canterbury is restricting the issuing of VBS bookings to dehire containers once again. Overall, it has not yet reached the chronic congestion of late 2022, early 2023 but we are monitoring closely. The cost of making an empty VBS booking increased again as of 01 May 2023.


  • Move count restrictions continue to affect Lyttelton and Tauranga, impacting on the Carriers ability to load export containers and provide empty containers.



  • Australia
    • Emirates freighter now running to schedule, some additional services with the TSA freighter from Melbourne.
  • Asia
    • A density tariff is being introduced from Singapore to Auckland to try and get rate reductions for larger sea-to-air shipments.
  • USA
    • Consols are moving as booked and ad-hoc larger bookings are being accepted, with the capacity to increase greatly later in the year.
  • UK and EU
    • Emirates Airlines’ service into Christchurch is working well and taking some of the strain away from Christchurch shipments that would otherwise move via Auckland.
  • Import Cargo Terminals
    • Still, some delays at Menzies Aviation Terminal, but other terminals are operating as normal.


  • Australia
    • Auckland consols are moving as booked and space from Christchurch to Sydney is available on Emirates.
  • Asia
    • Capacity is available to most destinations, with some capacity issues to Shanghai and Guangzhou but no issues to the rest of Asia.
  • USA
    • More airlines confirming services for the end of the year so capacity will increase greatly, as it stands most shipments are moving as booked.
  • UK and EU
    • Emirates Airlines services ex Christchurch are working well with shipments moving as booked.
  • Export Cargo Terminals
    • Still, some delays at Menzies Aviation Terminal, but other terminals are operating as normal.



  • Without a doubt, a degree of normality has returned to the Asia Southbound market following 2 years of pressure on space, rates and schedules. We are now beginning to see services settle into their weekly berthing windows which has immediately pumped back in significant capacity and allow everyone to plan with more certainty. Rates are also returning to pre-COVID levels, which will no doubt be a huge relief to importers across the country.
  • Cargo volumes, specifically from China, have not rebounded post Chinese New Year and many partners have reinforced that there is plenty of capacity within their trucking and warehousing network to assist where required.
  • We anticipate we will be able to bring back fixed-day cut-offs from North Asia in June and will be looking to replicate this in South-East Asia during Q3.


  • Equipment availability has been an issue ex Tauranga, Nelson and Lyttelton recently.
  • Advanced bookings are a challenge with more lines imposing cancellation fees, schedule changes, and reduced booking windows. We recommend discussing options with your Customer Services representative as to how to best handle your booking(s).
  • MSC, OOCL, & ONE are the only Carriers currently accepting cargo to the Middle East.
  • Berth congestion in North-East Asia is improving. The average is 1-day delay currently. There is only minor berth congestion in South-East Asia of around 1 day.



  • There are no issues booking DG LCL and FCL.
  • ANL weekly call to Napier from SYD / BNE.
  • More TTEB options are available from BNE / SYD / MEL.
  • 72 hours is required for FCL cartage.
  • If extra time is required for your container imports, please check your free day detention allowance before booking your FCL.
  • Currently no Port disruptions in Australia.


  • Port delays across the country have reduced and are now working with minimal delays of 0.5-1 day.
  • On the ANZ Shuttle service, the ANL Tasman Trader will call Auckland instead of Tauranga on an ongoing basis. Also, this service will add a Napier call from the 15th of April.
  • The KIX service will remove the Brisbane call from the end of April.
  • Equipment availability has been an issue ex Tauranga, Nelson and Lyttelton recently.



  • BMSB Season has ended. All departures ex Europe do not need any BMSB treatment or documentation. The season will start again on 1st September.
  • Blank sailings are affecting the regularity of services as they adjust to the lower volumes.
  • Maersk, CMA and MSC are open for bookings from most ports now but Cosco, ONE, and OOCL have only limited bookings to NZ due to backlogs in transshipment ports.
  • Industrial and protest action in France and Germany is affecting some pick-ups.


  • Space and Carrier options are starting to open up for the UK and Europe.

North America


  • Oceania to the North American Westcoast direct PANZ service will be further enhanced to appropriately manage the congestions and operational challenges impacting end to end logistics – most recently across New Zealand ports.
    • New rotation allows for a more even port coverage in both Oceania and North America.
    • Weekly calls to and from Auckland, NZ.
    • Continuous weekly calls to and from Oakland and Long Beach, US.
  • The rotation will be as follow:

Seattle* – Oakland – Long Beach – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Tauranga – Papeete* – Surrey* – Oakland – Long Beach – Auckland – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide* – Tauranga – Seattle.


  • BMSB requirement season has finished.
  • There is a new Export CFS in Los Angeles. First day of receiving was 20th February 2023. The new address is:
    • COMPTON, CA 90221


  • The increased efficiency with US Ports is flowing through to rail services. Rail to most inland US destinations is now a viable and reliable option.
  • The US East Coast vessels remain heavily booked.
  • The Seattle schedule is erratic. The Condi Cordoba 316N ETD Tauranga May 25th is the next Seattle vessel, she is fully booked. The next scheduled Seattle vessel is not until the Cap Jackson ETD Tauranga on June 29th.
  • The WSN vessels have been keeping close to schedule, a significant improvement from the last 24 months. There are 5 vessels departing Tauranga in May, this vessel bunching has resulted in a large schedule gap in June with 22 days without a scheduled departure. Consequently, this service is heavily booked through mid-July.
    • The rotation will be as follows:
      • Week 1 = Tauranga – Papeete – Vancouver – Oakland – Long Beach
      • Week 2 = Tauranga – Seattle – Oakland – Long Beach
    • Transit times from Tauranga are as follows:
      • Vancouver – 21 days
      • Seattle – 21 days
      • Oakland – 25 days
      • Long Beach – 30 days

South America

No waiting time for FCL bookings.

South Africa

No waiting time for FCL bookings.

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