Steps Challenge

On the first of February, over 50 Oceanbridge staff from across New Zealand and Australia started a step challenge, competing against each other with daily steps for a full month.

The step challenge has been a great opportunity for staff to get their bodies moving, alone or together, and we have received great feedback about how people were enjoying making to effort to get a bit more exercise around everyday life.

Between us, we took an amazing 14,989,533 steps! That equates to approximately 11422 kms, which is the distance from Auckland to Perth, and back again, and then walking to Picton!

There were lots of sunrise and sunset walkers, and if there’s one thing our Oceanbridger’s seem to love, it’s the ocean!

A BIG congratulations to our Tauranga team, the Red Hot Chili Steppers, for coming in first place overall this month and proving the Mount sure is a great place for a walk!

Gold Medal
Red Hot Chilli Steppers
Silver Medal
Step Brothers
Bronze Medal
Sole Sisters

Special individual mentions for our top 5 steppers:

Steps Challenge

Well done to all involved!

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