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OceanBridge Communications specializes in "MARKETING THAT CLICKS"

Planning to build a web site? With us, you have a choice:
Shall we do it for you, or help you do it yourself?

We'll help you focus on the message, not the mechanics.
Why not combine our strengths with your own?

Don't have time to investigate all the latest technologies? No problem!
Our consultants stay well informed so you can be well advised.

Are you aware of all the ways you can utilize the Internet to get closer to your customers?

Choose OceanBridge Communications as your marketing/technology consultants.
What makes us different?
Unlike other Web developers, were not just a computer firm that jumped on the Internet bandwagon. Our roots are in marketing.

Our focus is on making sure your message clicks with your customers

Internet Marketing Consulting

What does Internet marketing have in common with more standard forms of marketing, and how is it special?

As with traditional marketing, you have to ask yourself certain key questions before you even begin building a web site:

  • Exactly who is your target audience?
  • What are the benefits they get if they buy from you?
  • What do you do for them that nobody else does? What makes you special?

What makes Internet marketing special? Interaction. Much more engaging than traditional forms of marketing, it's more of a give-and-take, more like a real conversation. By telling a visitor to your site, "You want more information? Click here!" you put them in charge, and who doesn't like feeling in charge? That feeling naturally translates into a stronger bond between them and you. When you offer them a comment form and invite them to "Tell us what you think!", they will, and what they communicate to you will often be very valuable information.

Web Site Hosting

OceanBridge can offer your company complete web hosting services and domain name registration, so that your web site can have the form


For details, contact us today, or whenever you're ready to cross over into the future.

Add-on products to help attract more visitors to your website:

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